Low code is a method used to design and develop software with minimum hand-coding. It is an increasing trend among developers wherein they can bypass the infrastructure and the time-consuming hard-coding of patterns to arrive at the unique 10% of the application.

In the world of mobile applications, it is becoming increasingly important to churn out unique software, and in a limited time, to stay ahead of the competition. This requires ease and simplicity during the development phase. Low-code development platforms is the answer. It enables developers to create applications with full-functionality to solve business problems given the time constraint. Drag-and-drop tools, step-by-step visual guides, intuitive graphics, and reusable code blocks are some of the features that aid developers to code quickly. Low-code development platforms also feature templates with pre-defined capabilities that can accommodate numerous applications. However, if the developer wishes to include a unique function that isn’t already provided, they can create a custom code that can then be easily integrated. Developers can then test, share, and make changes as required, and do not have to go over tens of thousands of lines of code to make alterations and rectify errors. In order to maintain top-notch user experience, applications have to constantly update to newer versions that offer increased functionality or removal of existing bugs or both. This requires time and effort, both of which are tackled by low-code platforms. The reusability feature in these platforms enable faster and simpler application updates and drive down costs over time.

Competency in low-code and low-code development platforms is one of the highlights of the Kyono team. Some of our team members are especially proficient in Outsystems, one of the major low-code development platforms. Kyono realises the importance of being the first and fastest to launch applications in the market, getting early feedback from users and implementing the necessary changes to stay ahead in the race. Our clients can trust our experts as much as we trust them to get the job done.