Enterprise mobility can be defined as the ability of employees to perform and complete professional tasks and other assigned duties on mobile devices outside of the office. The advancement of technology has led to the birth of smartphones, followed by a slew of mobile devices, all of which can be connected to the Internet. Tech experts also include the mobility of corporate data through networks such as cloud computing under the definition. The growing trend of enterprise mobility has given rise to enterprise mobility management, which comprises of software tools to enable and govern enterprise mobility.

Flexibility is the primary advantage enterprise mobility provides to employees, along with portability, availability, ease in sharing of data, access to critical data, increased productivity through capture of real-time data, reduction of costs through personal ownership of mobile devices and system independence, and better engagement through an improved user experience, among others. However, the flipside of the coin is related to the relevance and security of enterprise mobility. The rate of technological advancement easily outpaces the rate at which companies adopt enterprise mobility, and those which fail to remain at par lose relevance. The issue of security is a major challenge when it comes to enterprise mobility, as employees use unmanaged mobile to devices to access vital corporate data, and at the same time are reluctant to relinquish control of their personal devices to the IT department.

To combat these issues, companies have adopted tools such as mobile application management (MAM), mobile device management (M DM), and identity and access management, to name a few. These provide the needed security without having control over the rest of the mobile device via specific applications designed to perform specific tasks. Popular enterprise mobility management tools include Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite, and VMware AirWatch, among others

Enterprise Mobility Management is one of the areas in which we showcase proficiency. We know how crucial it is for employees to have flexibility in work. The phrase “on-the-go” has never been so important and commonplace. Enabling enterprise mobility not only increases efficiency, but also lays down the path for effective communication. Our knowledge and expertise in this area enables our clients to have a smooth workflow in and out of the office, so that their productivity and efficiency is enhanced.